2015Wheelfall - Vanishing PointMusic Videoxxxx
2016Wheelfall - Shape Shifter (live video)Music Videoxxxx
2016Phazm - Scornful of IconsTeaser 1 & 2xxxx (Phazm)
2016FWF - MAZE IVMusic Videoxxxx
2017Daski - Mother ConcreteMusic Videoxxx
2017Gorguts live at FerrailleurMusic Video (live)Sound Mixing/Mastering only
2017Psycroptic live at FerrailleurMusic Video (live)Sound Mixing/Mastering only
2017Wheelfall - The Way to Every Crime is Ours Music Video + Teaserxxxx
2017Wheelfall - Violence is SeductionMusic Video + Teaserxxxx
2017Wheelfall - new album outTeaserxxxx
2017Wheelfall - The Making of Atrocity Reports (4 parts)Documentaryxxxx (FWF + Wheelfall)
2018Wheelfall - Impenitent (drum video)Playthroughxxxx
2018Enthroned live In Theatrum Denonium Act IIMusic Video (live)Sound Mixing/Mastering only
2018Wheelfall - ImpenitentMusic Video (live)x (Color Grading)x
2018Wheelfall - Nothing But Worms (Guitar Playthrough)Playthroughxxxx
2019THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT - The Myth Of Happiness Music video (live)x (Camera operator only)x (Color Grading)
2019VOLA - Whaler (lyric video)Music Video (live)x (Camera operator only)