A brief history of the bands I played with, then & now:

WHEELFALLAvant-Garde Metal / Agressive & Dissonant Post-hardcore Industrial 

To make it short: this project is my baby. I compose the music, create the concepts. In gigs, I do only the vocals (I used to play guitar too before), and in studio I do everything the records need.
The band was created in 2009 as a stoner/doom band, but I consider that the real WHEELFALL begins in 2015 with double-album and novel « Glasrew point ». With this album, we installed our Avant-Garde metal blend of agressive Industrial Metal and Post-Hardcore fueled with dissonant thrash/death guitars, supported by strong concepts in reaction to the modern and technological society and inspired by many philosophical topics (mainly skepticism, and anti-nihilism).

CHAOS ECHOESAvant Garde Death Metal

I entered the band a short time before the release of « Transient » album in 2015 and left the band in 2017. I played guitars, effects and sometimes haunted vocals. CHAOS ECHOES is for me one of the most important metal act nowadays, as it pushed the borders of the genre stylistically and spiritually. Absolutely essential.

PHAZMBlack (‘n’Roll)

When the band reformed in 2014, I was asked to play with them as a bassist. At the time, I never played bass but I was a total fan of PHAZM when I was in highschool, so I accepted, bought a bass and joined the band. The band plays a very organic and unique black metal, fueled by a strong rock’n’roll riffing. I left the band in 2016 after the release of the album « Scornful of Icons ».

FWFExperimental Dark Ambiant 

Even if I create soundscapes and some sound-design in other projects, I chose to focus especially on this matter under the moniker of FWF. This solo work allows me a total introspection and reflection about music itself.



YearTitleFormatInstrument(s) playedAdditional Infos
2010Wheelfall - From the Blazing Sky at DuskEPVocals, Guitar
2012Wheelfall - Interzone LPVocals, Guitar
2012Wheelfall - Split with A Very Old Ghost Behind the FarmSplit EPVocals, Guitar
2014Fabien W. Furter - Incipit ContradictioEPAllMix and Mastering
2014Fabien W. Furter - SkepticsLPAllMix and Mastering
2015Wheelfall - Glasrew PointDLP + BookVocals, Guitars, Programming, Sound Design
2016Phazm - Scornful of IconsLPBassSound design and throat singing on the bridge of "Conqueror's March" song
2017Wheelfall - The Atrocity ReportsLPVocals, Guitars, Bass, Sound Design, Samples
2017Chaos Echoes - The UnfathomableEPGuitars, EffectsEditing and mixing
2018Chaos Echoes - MouvementLPGuitars, Effects, Vocals
2018Chaos Echoes w/ Mats Gustafsson - SustainLPGuitar, Effects
2019Wheelfall - Remix albumEP-Remixes by other artists
2019Wheelfall - Remix album IIEPRemix on "MST" as FWFRemixes by other artists
2020Death Whore - s/tEPVocals, Guitars, Sound Design
2020Fabien W. Furter - Locked 1 EPAll