YearTitleCategoryCredited as
2015Wheelfall - Vanishing PointMusic VideoDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2016Wheelfall - Shape Shifter (live video)Music VideoDirector, Editor, Colorist
2016Phazm - Scornful of IconsTeaser 1 & 2Director, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2016FWF - MAZE IVMusic VideoDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2017Daski - Mother ConcreteMusic VideoDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2017Gorguts live at FerrailleurMusic Video (full live)Mixing, Mastering
2017Psycroptic live at FerrailleurMusic Video (full live)Mixing, mastering
2017Wheelfall - The Way to Every Crime is Ours Music Video + TeaserDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2017Wheelfall - Violence is SeductionMusic Video + TeaserDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2017Wheelfall - The Making of Atrocity Reports (4 parts)DocumentaryDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2018Wheelfall - Impenitent (drum video)PlaythroughDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2018Enthroned live In Theatrum Denonium Act IIMusic Video (full live)Mixing, Mastering
2018Wheelfall - ImpenitentMusic Video (live)Colorist
2018Wheelfall - Nothing But Worms (Guitar Playthrough)PlaythroughDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2019THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT - The Myth Of Happiness Music videoCamera operator, Colorist
2019VOLA - Whaler (lyric video)Music VideoCamera operator
2019Wheelfall - Violence is Seduction remix by Zero Gravity (from EZ3kiel)Music VideoDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2019Humanity's Last Breath - RampantMusic VideoCamera operator
2019Wheelfall - The Atrocity Reports Remix Album 2 teaserTeaserDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2019DISCONNECTED - LIVE IN LUXEMBOURG 2018Music Video (full live)Camera operator, Colorist
2020FRACTAL UNIVERSE - "Rhizomes of Insanity" (Full Live Show)Music Video (full live)Camera operator
2020Fractal Universe "Oneiric Realisations" (LIVE)Music Video (live)Camera operator
2020Death Whore - DeceiverMusic VideoDOP, Editor, Colorist
2020-ii- - L'Autre Canal Nancy 2020 - Full ConcertMusic Video (full live)Camera operator
20204 Films Pour le ConfinementEssai / CourtDirector, DOP, Editor, Colorist
2020WHEELFALL - Nothing But Worms (Official Music Video) at Plein Air de Rock 2019Music VideoDirector