My November 2017 in Music

My November 2017 in Music

As you may know, I love discovering new music, new albums, new bands… And you surely know that A LOT of stuff is released everyday: I don’t try to listen to everything, but I still listen a lot of things every weeks thanks to (or because of) my curiosity ! And you can add all that stuff coming from the past that I missed.

To keep track of my listening, I use RateYourMusic a lot… Very useful !

So, here’s are some personal highlights of the month !

Godflesh – Post-Self (Nov. 17 2017)

Oh – my – fucking – god.
I don’t know if I have to explain more. This album is maybe their best with Streetcleaner. Yes… I really think it is! The first 3 tracks are really good, but not spectacular. It reminds me a lot of their excellent album « Us&Them »: dirty in the sound, crushing bass and deep industrial drums. But after… I tell you, this is a transcendantal journey that begins and never ends. Streetcleaner was « down to earth », Post-self is beyond : if I compare these two to the movie Altered States (essential movie by Ken Russell), StreetCleaner is the beginning, Post-Self the end. Go listen to it.

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained (Dec. 1st 2017)

Yes, It was released in december but I had the opportunity to listen to it few days before… And it was a great surprise ! I personally love the albums with Steve Tucker (« F » and « G » are masterpieces), and more generally, I love and respect Morbid Angel for their ambitious career. When « I » was released, it was a real disappointment: I’ve no problem with the fact to try some new things as a band, but in here all the songs were very poor in quality. The return of David Vincent was « ok » news (considering his current projects and his current voice which has NOTHING to do with his voice on the first Morbid Angel albums), the album was real bad.
So when Tucker was announced, I was really enthusiastic: I imagined the band returning to a brutal and unique death metal sound: and thanks to them, they exactly done that! The album is maybe one of their most brutal ever, Trey plays a lot of demonic and tortured riffs, some possessed soli that only him can play. Minutes after minutes : it’s a delight! The first 3 tracks are « classics » Morbid Angel. After that, the madness is unleashed until the fucking awesome « The Fall of Idols », the best Morbid Angel’s track in my opinion since « Gateways From Annihilation ».
However, one real complaint: the sound. Drums are mixed way to loud that they literally drown some riff out. And this is really frustrating.

Misery Loves Co. – s/t (Apr. 1995)

I did know the name for a long time, but never listened until I saw some review comparing the new Wheelfall album with this one. So I took a listen! This is a really great album, and it include everything that was interesting in the Indus-Metal scene of these years, and adding sometimes catchy choruses and melodies. A sort of Ministry and NIN blend, an excellent album.

Interesting/good albums I discovered:

Converge – The Dusk In Us (Nov. 3 2017)
Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon (Apr. 21 2017)
Tchornobog – s/t (Jul. 28 2017)
Prong – Zero Days (Jul. 28 2017)


For the whole list :